Believe the Hype - It is amazing!!

Believe it or not, the Hype does live up to its name, it is true - the new version is amazing. That would be the shortest review we have had for a very long time. However, there's more to say about it, there is no BUT attached to that, it's totally unconditionally amazing and here's why

We have had previous review of Hype from Tumult here. At the time it was a wondrous new product that could change the way we work with HTML and WYSIWYG. In a short summary, Hype has a Flash like interface for creating animation, UI and Pages in HTML.

While the basic functionality of Hype remains the same to offer an easy way to create HTML Aniation with transitions and easing all from a visual interface by modifying the attributes on a timeline.

The compiled results from Hype can be used as is to serve as websites, it can also be used as a component in your websites, eBooks, presentations, etc. This is especially a very interesting and useful feature that can be used to embed precise and controlled animations in iBooks. This takes away most of the twiddling with jQuery and other scripts. The favourite or recommended framework or wrapper that is suggested by Tumult is a framework called Baker which is open source and available on GitHub in version 4.3.

Here is a video that introduces the features in Hype in addition to those that were already present.

Working with Hype immediately brings to mind similarities it has to some other softwares like Flash, Director from Adobe in the early to mid 2000's and now to SpriteBuilder that creates a compiled file using the Cocos2D framework that is essentially a wrapper on this. These compiled files would not have worked without the wrapped with most of the other software while the Hype files are standalone and could also be used with a wrapper like Cordova/PhoneGap. These are also responsive and would adapt to different sizes (unless you have specific fixed sizes). These would render perfectly across a variety of web browsers. The best part is if you can create the animation as you want it with all the audio-visual elements, wrap it with a wrapper and compile it for Android and/or iOS tablets and you have an interactive application. All of it with practically no coding involved. If you want to script some elements, Hype also lets you write simple or complex scripts (in JavaScript) to manipulate these elements. That's the reason it reminds me of Adobe Director that used Lingo but then added the ability to use JavaScript as well as an alternative to script the elements. A couple of new features that have been added to Hype3 are Responsive Layouts Physics Create reusable elements using symbols Interface themes Rearrangable/customizable interface Templates Behaviours Many new timing functions

UI Changes

The new Inspectors are now embedded in the main UI than floating as they were in earlier versions. There are more new elements that you could insert onto the canvas. You do not have to create Circles or rounded rectangles anymore by changing the corner radius of the squares.


Your compositions can now also be previewed (actually introduced in version 2) on a device, not just the web browsers installed on your system.


Software : Hype
Version : 3.0
Publisher : Tumult
Website :
Twitter : @hypeapp
Platform : Mac OS X (10.8.x or higher)
Demo : 14 days
Price : $49.99 USD/ $99.99 USD
Mac App Store :