Feeling Peckish? How about a Chocolate run?

The Mesoamerican race have introduced the rest of the world to Chocolate, I would like to see an individual that has never tasted chocolate and also to know if they would feel satisfied with just a piece and *not* want another and another...

Well, if you have started felling hungry, then sorry this is a software review, wish there was chocolate that we could give away. Hmm, maybe some day , but till then, we all love chocolate and would want a piece of it. Let us stop and wonder how the piece of chocolate feels, it is always in constant peril of being devoured. Introducing Choco, the bravest chocolate in the land, he has taken upon himself to show that he is not just a sticky mess.

The game starts with Choco a piece of chocolate that has three lives and has to reach the portal at the end of each level without losing all of the lives. The way to do so is leverage the walls for jumping. Holding the screen increases the intensity or force of the jump. Jump off the walls to another and onto tiles and platforms, etc.

I have played many games and thought this one sounds so easy, well I got a single star on the first few levels. I shall after I finish this review, go back and try to better that score. Alejandro, (not the one Lady Gaga has been singing about) of DunkelGames is offering 5 plushies of Choco if anyone can finish the first 40 levels with 3 stars and the proof is they publish those scores on OpenFeint.

Now my beginners handicap has caused my inability to get more than a star, but do not take that as a indicator that the game is hard, the game is fun and as Choco starts running, the hear beat gets stronger and the finger starts to pulsate, tap, hold, hold, hold, hold.. and now.

From a developer's perspective, it is another wonderful game developed with CoronaSDK and Lime, a wonderful library from Graham Ranson reviewd earlier here

The developers to celebrate the release of version 2.0 are offering 5 giveaway codes too. Since these do not last for long, it is first come first serve. Read the end of the article for details on how to get your copy.

VIDEO : on YouTube here

Software : ChocoRun
Version : 2.0
Publisher : Dunkel Games / Alejandro Jimenez Vilarroya
Website : http://www.dunkelgames.com/chocorun
Platform : iOS 3.1 or later (Universal App)
Price : $0.99
iTunes App Store : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chocorun/id435292025?mt=8

And we have 5 copies of ChocoRun for our readers, on a first come first serve basis.
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