When a project is completed, it is time for any developer/studio to celebrate. However the journey is the one with the issues, the destination is all celebrations. Anyone that has been involved in the development of games would know that the biggest issue with creating platform games is getting it to work smooth and well.

Graham Ranson is a well known name in the CoronaSDK circles, His last offering of Rum reminded me of Captain Haddock of "Blistering Barnacles" fame. Now, A newer version of Lime has been released at ver 3.3

What is Lime? Lime is something sour, well this is not that lime, for those that know their beer, know that Corona Beer is generally served with a piece of lime, so very cleverly names Lime, this is the library that complements CoronaSDK.

Lime is a library written in Lua that alows the Game developer to include Maps in the games and also provides physics, animation, camera control and easy access to predefined maps.

I have authored a few games that have a level map, which renders the level and the objects. I can vouch for the fact that creating and loading levels in a game is not easy. However with Lime it is a breeze, with about three odd lines of code, it is all there.

So how does one use Lime? Lime by itself is a set of routines that need to be included into main.lua using
local lime = require ("lime") 

It also relies on a couple of external tools like Tiled for creating tiles and maps, this then saves the generated map in a format that is readable by Lime. Loading a map is as easy as
local map = lime.loadMap("mapname.tmx")

This loads the map into memory and to make the map visible i.e. render it to the device screen, it takes just another line of code

local visual = lime.createVisual(map)

The included samples with the Lime Library are in themselves a treasure box that can help any budding developer that would like to accelerate the process of creating games involving tiled backgrounds.

To get a taste of what Lime can do before committing to purchase of the library, the website http://justaddli.me has a series of Tutorials in both text and video format.

Lime is available for 20 Pounds Sterling, which is the price for Lime on the website, which could change as Lime is no longer in Pre-Release Beta, it is now quite stable as a product.

An artist swears by the pencils and brushes, similarly there are some essential tools required by the game developer on the mobile devices, given that the competition is fierce and larger studios that have years of experience and talent sell their wares for as cheap as $0.99 or Free, so that makes is difficult for the average developer to compete. Lime is one of the tool that offers some balance of power to the developer to be able to create professional games. So here's to the next AngryBirds or BubbleBall.

Software : Lime
Version : 3.3
Publisher : MonkeyDead Studios Ltd
Website : http://justaddli.me
Twitter : @monkeydead
Platform : CoronaSDK
Demo : None
Price : £20

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