Mark your images - Watermark plus them

This is one software that was so simple to use that it was a bit difficult to find words to describe how it works. The simplicity of this is probably so self evident that everyone would get it. However before you use the software, there is one question that pops in your mind, what is a watermark or what is watermark plus?
A watermark is simply a text or an image that is placed on another image to protect it or to authenticate it. Billions of people around the world have seen watermarks and some amazingly beautiful watermarks on currencies. In majority of the currency notes the watermarks are used to identify or rather help identify between a fake and the real deal. The other is for all computer users that have every searched for an image on Google or any other search engine, would have found a series of images with the copyright or the name across the image. This is to deter the use of the image without purchasing the image.

So now that we know what a watermark is, what is watermark plus? This is not the new version of watermark, but a software from Pearl Mountain that allows you to create watermarks on your image or images interactively. Call it a design editor for Watermarking your images. You can drag drop an Image and/or text onto the image and save it with the watermark. There are a couple of available images like wax seals, shields, ribbons, decos, etc that you can use to overlay your images. You can also add your own image.
Text can be added and either be used as simply text or as a script that is repeated across the image.

That’s all there is to it. There were a few things that could have made the experience even better like
1. The text is repeated uniformly. It's like the first rule of making walls in drawing, in Lego or even in real life, you stagger the bricks to have a more pleasing and stronger looking wall. When drawn, the wall looks like a matrix (if not staggered), With Legos or real bricks the walls could be knocked down easily in strips.
2. The Shadow and Glow effects did not render and if they were available with a particular style then that wasn't very evident.

These as mentioned earlier are not major issues and do not hamper the use of the software. For the lack of another image, here's an image of the cover of my new book with a couple of watermark elements applied across it.

Software : Watermark Plus
Version : 1.5.0
Publisher : Pearl Mountain
Website :
Platform : Mac OS X (10.7.x [Lion] or higher)
Price : $19.90

Note: We were approached by the publishers offering a copy for review. They are offering you the reader a free copy if you write a good review for them on your site. You could enter directly to have the chance to win a free copy of this software, alternatively you can let us know and we can try to get some giveaway copies for you in case you do not want to write a review.