Prototyping Mobile Apps

We are in 2014 and we still do not have flying cars, however if it is any consolation, we have better mobile/portable devices than that carried by the crew of Starship Enterprise in Star Trek. This mobile revolution has given us a lot many devices starting from the early days of DaVinci, Palm Pilot, Sharp Zaurus, etc which then paved way for Compaq iPaq, Aero etc leading up to the iPhone, Blackberry etc. While all of these devices were perfected from a small monochrome display to color displays. The early UI's basically were simple textual menus where now they are replaced by hi-res notifications, dialogs, alerts.
Packt Publishing offered a copy of their book Mobile Prototyping with Axure 7 by Will hacker for review.

The book works with Axure 7 as the package for prototyping mobile devices. The books pace is well set as it takes the user through concepts gradually. The screenshots are quite detailed to get with the book if you do not have a copy of Axure. Though it looks a lot like Report Builder or a Visual Basic 6 IDE.

While there is a lot to speak about Axure which replicates a lot of features that xcode offers in terms of creating interfaces. The book is geared towards iOS devices than other android or other devices. The interfaces created generate HTML+CSS code that can offer interactivity and allow for testing the UI.

This is a mini book on how to use Axure and it delivers well with all of the resources and the app axShare which allows viewing the prototype and deploying it to clients/team.

There are a couple of good prototyping softwares that work on Mac/Win/iOS/Web to create UI's while this review is for the book, the book is well written and worth a read if you use Axure. However if you want to prototype, there could be other alternatives than Axure. Lastly, if you want to prototype for iOS devices, xCode6 has many more features and it even allows for code connection and works for not only Mobile but also desktop applications.

Till then if you are part of a team that requires to use Axure and need to brush up on your skills, this book could help you getting up to speed. It is available from Packt Publishing at