In a GIFfy - Convert your videos to animated GIFs

Noticed the early years of the internet, even before there was Microsoft Clippy, there were small little animated awesomeness that (depending on your description of awesomeness) engaged with the audience in the browser windows attracting attention. While Microsoft was trying out a new feature called VFW (Video for Windows) - Shock, Awe, Horror - earlier you could not play a video like you can today, with these softwares like VFW and quicktime you could watch videos in the browser and on the desktop.
I still recollect those floppy disks with VFW that was part of every other software that you would install since it relied on this feature. Alternatively you had to install quicktime from a company called Apple (We are talking mid 90's). Then those little animated GIF's (pronounces JIF) faded away and were replaced with embedded Video. However since the bandwidth were not as generous and the connection speeds were around 28K - 56K, There were alternatives with Shockwave and Flash.
Of late, there has been a reverse trend due to the fact that mobile devices might not render flash and GIFs are rendered without the requirement of a plug-in.

Despite all the drama surrounding GIFs and the Unisys patent etc, etc that saw the creation of the PNG format (which could not handle animation) the GIF's or the animated GIF's are still around and popular as ever. In fact there are sites that have a whole heap of them for every occasion.

and these are just the top few if you google for GIFs.

From PeralMountain Technology Co, Ltd comes VideoGIF, it is a simple to use Mac Software that converts a video to a GIF (sans sound, everone knows GIFs do not have sounds)

Here's a clip from a Japanese Commercial for Chicken (I think) that parodies Star Wars.

The image is exactly as produced by the software. VideoGIF retails for a price of $19.90 USD and currently PeralMountain are offering a 70% off on this and therby selling it for $4.99 (which will end soon)

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