Total Recoil - a new little war game

Amongst the various press releases we get, this was one game that stood out. From the screenshots it looked like a game that has hours of fun included. So we took it further for a spin and see what it was made of

The first impression of the game are a bit complex and complicated game with dual joysticks, one to move and the other to manage the direction of fire. This is a bit strange since coming from the old school of shooting games, why would you want to control the direction of firing and the direction of movement, there could be just one firing to shoot. The controls are a bit laggy as the game kind of comes to a literal halt when there are too many items on screen. The firing freezes up till you release it and start again.

Once you get past this little glitch (if we may call it) the game is quite interesting, shoot the never-ending supply of barrels and crates that keep appearing moments after you blow them up. The Bootcamp (tutorial) shows you that there are rocket launchers but nowhere does it outline where do you get one (perhaps later levels) then there are other icons on the screen that allow for air-strikes, artillery strikes and what not, but bootcamp did not cover it so what are those is a mystery till you use them. When you destroy a wave of soldiers and turret guns, you get some kind of a shield, again unclear about what they are and how to get that. If you have the volume up high, you hear that you got a medi-pack or a shield, but if you are playing with the colume low, you can keep guessing about what you got.

The only thing that is clear is if you die, you can continue the game for 10,000 coins (these you can pick up by blowing barrels and creates) seems like a good trade, since you only live once in reality, so why should the game provide you unlimited lives?

The point where the game became a turn off was on completing the mission and killing the boss double gunned helicopter. The game showed mission complete but then when you try to proceed, the game tells you that you have not amassed enough points to go to the next level. The options are "New Game" and "Back", now why would one want to start a new game? so if you go back you can do nothing. If you go to the main menu, you would lose all of the progress. So on selecting the new game, it showed a map and it was then clear that you need to choose a progression path and amass more points to play certain levels on the map.

The game is fun and it is free over the weekend, so it is worth downloading it and giving it a try. However if there would be an update to this game, I would recommend to the authors that they make it less ambigious and confusing, bring in more clarity about what is expected. The two rules that the game talks about is Shoot everything that moves and shoot everything that doesn't move. That is exactly how simple the game should be.

The game was played on the iPod Touch, the iPhone4 and the iPhone5, it was playable and smooth only the iPhone5, the other two had a laggy feel to the game. All in all it is still a fun game if you like to spend hours simply shooting things up.

Software : Total Recoil
Version : 1.0.1
Publisher : Eiconic Games Finland 
Website :
Platform : iOS 5.0 or later
Price : $0.99 (Free till November 25th 2012)
App Store :
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