Create Online or Mobile Magazines

The industry is becoming very saturated and there are so many options available, so how do we choose a good provider? Everyone can produce the same things that we want, however there are little things that make all the difference, things like pricing and quality of service.

If you were looking for an online magazine or software to help build a digital magazine/brochure/book, here are a list of options for you to look at

FREE Options
* Apple iBooks Author (
* Camaleo (
* Baker Framework ( )

Priced Options
* Aquafadas Digital solutions ( )
* MAZ ( )
* 3D Issue ( )
* MotherApp ( )
* Padnity ( )
* OwnZee ( )
* Mag+ ( )

Note: While the article on ( suggests that it costs $199 to publish for Mag+, the pricing sheet available on ( suggests that it costs $999 for the base and then addition $99 or $199. It is a bit confusing.

Each of these options have their own advantages, some are not suited for a budget conscious customer, while others act as a publisher and pay you the proceeds they get from Apple. In all fairness, you need to choose what works for you and what doesn't.

There are other options like Kwik that allow you to create an interactive mobile magazine from code.

The options above allow for a person with little or no skills to a person with impressive skills to be able to publish their own digital magazine and publish it in a variety of formats, using HTML5, Flash and for various platforms including mobile devices.

Service To Consider
There are a couple of them in this category, and they have their Pros and Cons.
MAZ, this is a service started by a couple of ex-Apple Engineers, so they have the right contacts, the know how and the knowledge about the platforms in comparison to what others would. The service they provide is amazing, but the only issue is that they publish under MAZ Digital LLC and while they only charge $0.20 per download, they would pay the developer like Apple. The low costs are provided because the main development team is based in Delhi, India where as the Management team is based in New York plus given the funding they have raised, they are in a comfortable position. A recommended service for those that do not mind their publication being distributed under MAZ Digital.

Service to AVOID avoid in capitals
There is one service ( that we are utterly disappointed with, and the strangest thing is that the product they use (iPaper/UniFlip) is wonderful, they lack the most important thing in todays market, Customer Service. While they are offloading most of their work offshore to Thailand and still charging a lot (perhaps to do with the iPaper license costs) the communication language used by the people responding to their emails is very rude. In fact it is very hostile. It is amazing of how companies/developers post press releases and when they are approached, they display their personal frustrations. In my opinion, this is the business you would never want to approach as it would be considered as the red flag in terms of Business Risk. It demonstrates the lack of stability towards cordial communication and good customer service and hence could also affect the output / deliveries. While I always associated Denmark with Lego and Quality, this is the first most disappointing business.

Add to that the number of options that are offered Free and for a fraction of the costs that they charge, who would want bad customer service and pay for it? If we had stars, this would be a 0 star rating.