Compartments - What's your worth?

We all live in the wonderful modern world, where having an inventory of what we have could be viewed as vanity, but at the same time, is an important part to have a list for legal and insurance purposes. So, how do you keep track of what you have? Write them all down in a small notebook, Make a display folder with pictures and serial numbers?

If you ever had to deal with Insurance companies in the western world, you would know that having serial number is not enough, they might even request pictures and proof that you actually owned the product. So you need some form of an electronic inventory. This has been such a void that there have been many apps and templates that help allow to manage home inventory.

The idea behind compartments works on the principals of locations and items. So one can create locations where one can set up the items. Attributes like Date Acquired, Warranty, Value, Make and Model, Serial Number, notes, images, tags are part of the items entry, where as the Locations can also be of various types which help to organize the locations. There is a long list of item types that are already in the database, and it is quite comprehensive with details like game controllers, cutlery, etc.

Compartments comes with a Warranty Guard, a functionality that helps list out all items that have warranty information. So when something actually does not work, you can look up all the related warranty information.

If in a scenario that was most dreaded, one does need to prepare an Insurance report, it is as simple as just printing a report which creates a wonderfully formatted report that can be submitted to the Insurance company.

Software : Compartments
Version : 1.7.4
Publisher : LittleFin LLC
Website :
Twitter : @LittleFinLLC
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Price : $14.95 (Sale Price)
Mac App Store :

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