NumPad - A numeric keypad for you

NumConnect Got a mac book or an iMac with the smaller keyboard? Missing the numeric keypad? Worry no more, From Pavel Kanzelsberger, we have a two part offering, a NumPad connector for the Mac (FREE, available on the Mac App Store) and the iOS portion.

Using the app is the easiest, start the app on the Mac and it will ask for a key to connect, now start the iOS version and connect to the desktop app by typing in the 4 digit keys that you can see on the iOS screen. This will pair the app with the desktop. It is actually that simple.

The iOS screen changes to show a numeric key pad. It is has a setting that allows to change the screen to look like a Phone keypad or a Calculator type screen. It has the functionality to cater for the European or the American number system (using a comma or a period as the delimiter). There is also a special key, that has the ⌘ symbol can be used as a special key that can work as Escape, Backspace or Delete.
IMG 1042

Once you have set the parameters, the screen keypad is all ready to use, you can start tapping on the screen and watch the keys tapped appear on the mac in any application that is currently active, like it would with the physical keyboard or number pad. Any user that has an iOS device will realise that it can enhance the experience if used properly, and there is no better way to supplement the numeric keypad. It would be even better if the keypad could be used in a Calculator mode, which meant that you can use the keypad like a calculator and then when you hit the = key or the special key, it can pass the results as keystrokes onto the desktop app. Maybe, the next version might have this functionality.

Software : NumPad Remote
Version : 1.1
Publisher : Mediaware
Website :
Twitter : @mediaware_sk
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher) and iOS
Price : $2.99
Mac App Store: numpad-connector
iTunes Store: numpad-remote-wireless-numeric

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