Quick Kids

If you have kids, or even nieces or nephews or have ever dealt with children, you will realise that kids are hyper active and can be very demanding and full of energy, but the same lively child when put to complete a task can drag on with the task like there's no tomorrow.

This is a problem that most parents face, give the child a task and if they do not like it, you can write it off. A Mum and a Teacher in London came up with the idea of an app that will offer the child the incentive of earning a star if they finish the task in time. Now for those that have not yet been a parent, this is all going nowhere, but for the parents, you know how kids these days bargain and can negotiate and manipulate parents more than the best of negotiators in a corporate environment.

Given that scenario, this app is a wonderful app to help deal with the physiological block that the child imposes. Full marks for the idea.

For the other aspects of the app, it is not very certain on who the developer was, the UI is most child unfriendly or for that matter why would anyone want to make a green background with a white button and white text and a blue navigation bar? I am not sure how it will all look to anyone with a disability or a condition, but even to a person without any disability this is a bit jarring.. The app is free but it is the polish what sets an app apart from the rest which this app is missing. This wonderful idea could do with a makeover, specially in terms of the UI.

One major concern that shows up is that is this app has indeed been made by a teacher, specially one that deals with young kids and aimed at motivating, then the screen that says Bad Luck is quite out of place and a major no no in the dealing with kids and feedback department. The app seems to be a cheap outsourced effort on behalf of the coder and the Author of the app.

So while the app is a great idea, the implementation is a let down. Still given that it is free, parents can consider the app to keep track and help the kids speed things up to earn the star.

Software : Quick Kids
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Quick Kids
Website : http://www.quickkids.co.uk/
Platform : iOS 4.3 +
Price : FREE

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