The world is not a safe place

2012 is the year as suggested by the Mayans the year that marks the end of the world. Unfortunately, they did not survive long enough to see if this was true or not, but the various natural disasters and incidents do indicate some element of believability in that claim.

As if that was not enough, we have games that tell us of Zombie Outbreaks, Alien invasions, Evil taking over, etc There comes a fun game from Touch Junky, this is their first app. It is loads of fun if you make the mistake of thinking it is easy, you are in for a surprise. The game is illustrated and animated by Jake, the person behind Touch Junky, the controls are responsive and the various elements just fit together perfectly. The only thing that did confuse me is that If I had not seen the youtube video earlier, I would have been totally lost on what do I need to do? It is a bit unclear as there are two options when playing, one is to deflect? or stop the laser beams from the cyclops aliens by deploying a shield like you would in Pong. The other is to tap on the aliens to explode them. The shields are deployed right under the finger at the point of touch, which makes it a bit difficult to see what happened.

Other than that, once you do get oriented with the game after a few rounds, you can start to enjoy the game. The aliens are relentless and the waves are sometimes a bit too aggressive and the Universe which is represented by a planet behind you that you need to protect has a ever reducing health bar when it cops fire from the aliens. If you can survive long enough there are levels that have Spaceman called Astro Bob, think of it as a one time special power, he shoots all the aliens off the screen thereby saving you and the universe from the impeding doom.

It is a nice fun game, and worth checking out

Software : Atomic Aliens
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Touch Junky
Website :
Twitter : @TouchJunky
Platform : iOS
Price : $0.99

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