We used to be friends

I am sure that many of you will be a bit surprised with the title of this review article. It is a reference to "The Dandy Warhols" video, "We used to be friends" [ link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgrRRNwj7mU ] For those that have seens puppets differently maybe in the form of Fraggle Rock, the Muppets, Sesame Street, etc the idea is the same. Puppets!

I did not grown up in the UK, but since a child, I had heard about the famous or rather infamous pair of Punch and Judy, and that was also because of a Humour Magazine from the UK called Punch. In references, cartoons, etc I could see a stage and the puppeteers would have these two characters bashing each other. This provided hours of fun for kids, (beyond my comprehension, but it could have also been a slapstick statement against some of the policies / political scenario at the time)

Kids are easily entertained by such things and more so now that I have seem people in the shopping center with small 2-4 year old kids in the shopping trolley playing with their mum's iPhones, swiping or tapping at the screen. In that scenario, Puppet Show, the app that we are reviewing fits perfectly for an overall entertaining experience.

I believe all kids make up a make belief world and stories while at play (from experience) and all types of props are helpful, With Puppet Show, the user can animate the puppet by touching the screen at various locations. So the puppet can exhibit a fair degree of movement. The puppet can look left, right, up, down, open / close the mouth all by just swiping on the screen or tapping. Add to this a fully/silly voice and you have an actor on screen to tell stories to kids or by kids to others.

The app is rather quite simple and does not need much to understand the mechanics and hence can be easily usable by kids or adults alike. The current version (1.9) comes with one puppet, though there are three puppets in the app, only the first one is usable.

The app has been created by Brad Herman, who is a Digital Artist and a Photographer, the puppet available is Strasmo, an original created by the Button's & Fuzz Monster Factory of Hollywood.

Software : Puppet Show
Version : 1.9
Publisher : Brad Herman
Website : http://www.bradherman.com/
Platform : iOS 4.3 or later
Price : $FREE

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