Flame On...Christmas is over

Christmas is over, the secret life of Santa has led him to some interesting outcomes and one of them is getting his head on fire. So it is up to you to extinguish that and save him, after all our gifts are all at stake.

Flame Heads: Xmas edition is a physics based game developed with Game Salad, it is made quite well and is a really tough game. Which I feel kind of detracts from revisiting the game again. The idea is simple, Santa's head is on fire (He's decapitated, no idea how and why if you look carefully at the Icon, you can see little Santa hands, so I believe Santa's been morphed or captured into one of the ornamental balls and set alight) and there is a pool of water, the idea is Angry Bird style guiding the head into the pool of water, you get one chance only, if the head does not reach the water, you are informed of failure and provided with the choice to play again.

After a few tries I did manage to get the flaming Santa into the water, but the challenge was not what I was after, the game could be more fun if the levels increased in difficulty progressively, the first and the second level being so hard detract from continuing.

The game uses some nice effects like the particle generator that gets brighter every time the Santa Head collides with the scenery. The start of the level has a nice effect that pans out to show you the entire level and highlight the goal of the level. The Level selection is also quite good but for the fact that the level numbers being transparent do not capture the touches and therefore is a bit frustrating to select a level ans start playing.

Overlooking these little issues, the game is fun while you can last it.

Software : Flame Heads: Xmas Edition
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Olli Saarinen
Website : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flame-Heads/296210317084950
Platform : iOS
Price : $0.99

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