Ahhhhh, sleeepy....

Games are fun, but then soon they all come to pretty much the same types, choose an adjective from Angry, Happy, Sad, Black, White, etc and then choose a creature, Bird, Pig, Rabbit, Dog, Cat, Penguin and you know that is more or less what games are about. Some are implemented quite well, but more or less they are all the same, nothing new, these are literally the fart apps of games. However people are pretty touchy about the remakes. However, we have an app that asks us not to wake the sleepy heads. While other games can put people to sleep, this one says let them sleep.

Sleepy Game from Funny Beaks is a wonderful fresh change and it is not one that will make you sleep. It is surprisingly a remake, of an old game which was played by kids when there were no electronic game consoles. Some call it Jenga, some Mikado, the aim of the game was simple, pick up the sticks without upsetting or disturbing the other sticks. It was pretty unforgiving if a stick moved, it was over.

Sleepy Game

Sleepy game takes the same concept and has blocks instead of sticks. There are randomly placed blocks and the systems offers two choices these are the colours of the blocks that can be removed. Removing is simple, tap on the blocks and they are removed. The only catch is that physics is not your friend, so the moment you remove a block that was at the bottom, it will drop the blocks on the top or sometimes the blocks on the top hold the balance for the blocks below.

It is a nice fun and polished game. It is fun for the whole family and available on the iTunes store for $0.99

Developers Analysis

Form a developers perspective, the game is a very simple but well executed game, for the simple fact that all the boxes are physics bodies. Box2D puts the bodies into a sleep mode, which is when the bodies have stopped moving. The developers have at this point replaced the animation with sleeping animation. The boxes follow gravity as physics objects do. There are also some wonderful things in the game, like the effect of monochrome to colour transition. Now, this can be achieved in a variety of ways, but am not sure which method they have employed to achieve that. One easy way is to tint/colour them all and then remove the colour (i.e. make it 255,255,255 which is the same as removing the tint. The graphics are simple and yet quite pleasing.

It seems that Funny Beak have a Flashy past, they have the same game for you to try/play on their website http://www.funnybeak.com/


Software : Sleepy Game
Version : 1.0
Publisher :Funny Beak
Website : http://www.funnybeak.com/
Twitter : @FunnyBeak
Platform : iOS and Android
Price : $0.99

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