Preview for the month

Here's a sneak peek on what's coming your way this month. The theme for this month is Games Galore and the Tools and Utilities to build it yourself.

We shall be covering a couple of toolkits/frameworks like
1. CoronaSDK .
2. GiderOS .
3. Sparrow .
4. Cocos2D .
5. Kobold2D .
6. Advance Game Kit

There are more but we shall be focusing on the ones that allow for development.

Some good upcoming games from the ever talented developers in our community.

We shall also revisit some tools that can be used for gaming in our tools-recap section.

If you are a developer that makes games and your game is *not* FREE and you want some coverage, for September we shall accept your games for review and try to publish them ASAP. All we ask of you is to follow us on twitter and like out facebook page in return.