The Pigs strike back...

The birds have been angry far too long and been attacking the Pigs, The Mighty Eagle has also clobbered them, it was time that the pigs started their offensive against the birds. The pigs in the trees have taken to the skies and the pigs that were left terrestrial, well... read on

The pigs that were left on the ground have taken the technology from the birds and build their own catapult. Now use this and go get 'em those angry birds, show them the angry pigs.

Fantom Digital, the studio that gave us the lovely Pong Beats game, bring us this lovely new treat, "Birds must Die". Having grounded skills in Flash, the move for Fantom Digital to CoronaSDK has demonstrated that the mobile games can be lovely and beautiful. I dunno what this genre of games are called, but I have seen this in many flash games. The ideas is to launch the character and get the character as far as you can, every attempt gets points, extras, coins, money, etc. These can be used to purchase stuff like Guns, Springs and Launchers.

The game is fun, as it is a challenge to get the pig in to the air and avoid him getting pooed. As far as the gameplay is concerned, it is quite fun and it takes a while to realise that it has been hours and you are smashing the birds and have a few abilities. For those that do not like to wait and want it all, and want it now, there is the in-app purchase of a million gold coins pack for $0.99 which will help buy every thing there is.

From a developers perspective, Fantom Digital's flash background has translated quite well with the graphics and gameplay. To add to that the use of CoronaSDK as the platform should have definitely made it easier to get the game out to the store faster in comparison to other frameworks.

A fun game for all in the family, Don't get your bacon in a twist; get back at 'em angry bird and show them who's boss.

Software : Birds Must Die
Version : 2.0
Publisher : Fantom Digital
Website :
Platform : iOS 4.0
Price : $FREE
iTunes App Store :

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