Juggle your heart to the earth.

Heart changes to Earth when juggled, that was easy. If you are a fan of puzzles, word puzzles to be precise then read on, if you are not then definitely read on.

There are plenty of puzzles in the market and most of us attempt those from the newspapers, that's what newspapers are for, right, who reads all the violence, etc. Oh, who buys newspapers anymore...Well, for those that are on mobile devices and love to get a daily dose of fun, here is a new word puzzle game from Roland Leth. The game is called iWordJuggle (see an i makes everything so much better). The aim of the game is simple, you are given 15 random words, select any three and then use them to create as many words as you can, each letter having points like scrabble tiles. There are no timers, no pressure, it is a game that challenges the mind but does not stress it.

Give it a go for those small breaks waiting for the bus, train, cab, mom's taxi. If you want to spend a marathon session procrastinating and do not want to answer "The call of duty" or don't want to Anger the Birds, then this can again help you there.

Warning, it does take a bit of time getting used to it. When it says choose wisely, that is in a way pressure, instead the game should just randomly give three words to work with than making the user select the three.

Software : iWordJuggle
Version : 1.1
Publisher : Roland Leth
Website : http://www.rolandleth.com
Twitter : @rolandleth
Platform : iOS 4.0 or later
Price : $0.99
iTunes App Store : http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/iwordjuggle/id451703422?mt=8

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