Dust mites? Nah!! These are cute little Bunnies...

If we had everything, then what more would we need? There was a time when people told stories of Hero's and lands beyond, then came some images drawn by artists that were used, then moving pictures, and so on. Similarly on the App store we think it has all been done, till one new app comes our way and makes us think, oh heck, that was a good one.

Andrew Yeager is an artist, not "artiste" involved in web, illustration and print, think of him as the mild mannered digital artist working in the office as his alter ego and then he emerges to unleash his super hero powers making games. His company is called Gamers Rejoice. He has two games to his credit so far and his art shows through in both of them. Development has gone full circle and is now moving out of the hands of developers and into the realm of artists. It is the UI look and feel that make a WOW or a BAH comment. That is all that matters now to entice audiences.

Dust those bunnies is a game with a slightly different aim, there are dust bunnies, man's greatest enemies, don't let the cuteness fool you. Swipe your finger and dust the bunnies into the dust pan. There are different types of items that you can sweep up, god knows where and who has been there, there are batteries, shiny disco balls, bunny bombs (Was Hugh Hefner involved in the making of this game?).

The game has a brilliant black and white look and feel of an old movie, the UI is amazingly done, it transforms one to the old era of Charlie Chaplin, Lauren & Hardy or the Three Stooges. The Blacks are a bit darker than the bluish black used in the movies but it still gives an amazing feel including the scratches on the film and the shakes of the scene.

The gameplay however is a bit of a letdown. It could be entirely my fault, there are some games that I just do not do very well on. This could be one of them. I could not get the hang of the game, and the instructions were not useful for me. The game intro and the UI raises the bar so high that then when I could not play, it was quite frustrating. Hope that is fixed. Another minor factor is that there are no levels, it is one continuous game. That kind of puts people away, but then the type of game it is, would it require levels? Maybe it could have some obstacles, etc to hinder the sweeping.

All in all, if you can get the game working for you, this is an amazing experience. As a developer, it is always helpful to see what new UI and FX people are using, Andrew has definitely demonstrated not only his artistic superiority but also that he can develop games.

VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxVT7CvmadE&feature=player_embedded

Software : Dust Those Bunnies
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Andrew Yeager
Website : http://www.gamersrejoice.com/
Twitter : @gamersrejoice
Platform : iOS 3.0 or greater
Price : $0.99 (Special intro price)
iTunes App Store : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dust-those-bunnies!/id437429857?mt=8

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