Drawing Blanks?

Ever have that feeling when memory fails, not like in the movie Memento but when we just draw a blank, it's like it's on the tip of our tongues but we are unable to get the words. Here's an app that helps build those connection in the mind and have some fun while doing that.

Blanked is the first app created by Max Price software, now do not think that the developer is trying to charge you maximum price for the software, it is just that his name is Max Price and he publishes under the name Max Price Software.

The concept of Blanked as mentioned earlier is simple, it gives the user a sentence and a blank to complete the sentence, from a selection of sayings, Movie quotes or names, Bands or Lyrics, A TV Show or a quote from a TV Show. It also gives about 5 options that could be used to fill in the blanks. For example, "an apple a day keeps the ________ away" and the options could be doctor, grim reaper, nurse, appleman, spaceman. On getting the answer correct, the screen flashes green and the next sentence is displayed, on getting it wrong, the screen flashes red and the game ends.

The app is a brilliant idea, and given that it is Max Price's first app, it is good. There could be a lot of enhancements, for example the show "Who wants to be a millionaire" has a similar format a question and four options, but the UI or interface is embedded into our minds and easy to use and pleasant.

It is a good effort from Max Price and at $0.99 it can be given a try. However I feel that Max should make it FREE as this would help him get some visibility. When Cut the rope is $0.99, where would one want to spend the dollar? It is a question for any developer that makes games.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, we avoid reviews for iOS apps and we decide that it is better to drop an app from review than to review it badly. This app has somehow stuck halfway in both the criteria, if the developer will work on the app a bit more in terms of *polish* this could be better.

Software : Blanked
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Max Price
Twitter : @mdcprice
Website : http://www.maxpricesoftware.co.nr/
Platform : iOS 3.1 or higher
Price : $0.99