Button Up... er take em off...

Buttons, they can save your modesty and a stitch in time saves nine. With the magical devices from Apple, things change and take on a new perspective. Here's our view on a interesting puzzler Clever Buttons.

I have a special spot for puzzlers and to be precise for really good ones. Located in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is Kakburk games. A Mother to two, that worked with chemicals decided to take the plunge into the field of programming and make some apps for kids, specifically to challenge their minds. The result is nothing short of a spectacular experience. I am unsure if Linnea is the developer herself, but the game is quite polished and simple. The aim of the game is to remove the buttons by drawing a line through two or more, the fx, animation and attention to detail is quite well managed. If the author has developer it herself, it is an amazing effort. Even if it was developed by someone else, the whole idea of the game still keeps you in the loop to keep playing.

The first impression when I saw the screen-shots was, oh it must be a cross-stitch type game for girls. How wrong I was, On starting it up, the fluidity of the menu transitions, the game start and the movement of the thread when you draw the line on the screen is all done quite well.

The buttons start off with one color, and dark walls of cross-stitch, these walls absorb or prevent the thread from being used to free the buttons. At further levels, these walls are of the color of the buttons and can be removed by adding it to two or more buttons of the same color.

The Levels are quite well balanced, they work up an appetite, but at Level 2, Loops, I was stuck at the first puzzle, it was just getting very frustrating to be unable to play further or skip that level. However on my third or fourth attempt, I did manage to solve it and move on. The puzzles go with the flow, the puzzles are created with a lot of thought, as anyone that has created games or puzzle levels will agree, it is not easy to create good puzzle levels. In clever Button, the levels are created with a lot of thought and do demand a lot from the players.

The game is available on the iTunes store for $0.99, which is not much and given the hours of fun that you can have, it is worth having on your iOS device for times when you want a quick game and are sick and tired of some birds throwing themselves at the pigs.

Software : Clever Buttons
Version : 1.1
Publisher : Kakburk
Website : http://kakburk.se/index.html
Twitter : @kakburk
Platform : iOS
Price : $0.99

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