Baa Baa black sheep...

There have been a couple of games that involve sheep, one that I recollect was "Sven", if you are European, you must have definitely heard about it (it was only for the PC), it was a series of games about a sheep called Sven. The story line was not suitable for kids, as it involved Sven keeping the ewe's happy. This one is a clean game and infact has a lot of inputs/inspiration from kids.

New Zealand has the largest number of sheep, but still this game that involved sheep comes from Norway. Patrik Holmström is an inspirational story of a developer that has made such a polished fun to play game from a person that had no Mac programming knowledge and no Apple device to start with and is a true Indie developer at heart. The concept of the game is quite simple, it is a puzzle game where you have to guide the sheep to the shepherd. The sheep keep moving in a chosen direction, so one has to plan the movement so as to avoid the sheep from falling into the water. There are also objects to collect and find, that help with the task at hand.

The number of levels are plenty to fill waiting for a plane at an airport for over 4 hours. There is never a dull moment. In fact there are some real good features added, if the water is tapped, the water tiles move to give the illusion of water, in fact there is what I feel a Clown Fish that pop's up every now and then, but cicking on that makes no difference as such.

The graphics are an interesting part, Daniel Cook, of Lostgarden fame created a set of graphics that are available for Indie developers to use for free in their apps, and most apps that have used his graphics have had this real polished look and have been a massive crowd pleaser, another recent example was Walkabout. Patrik has done a marvelous job at creating the additional graphics required for the game that blends in wonderfully as if it was Daniels artwork in the first place.

The entire production is a family effort by the Holmströms, where the voice have been contributed by his wife and his 12 year old.

This is one game that is a must on the iOS device if you love puzzles.

Software : Woolcraft
Version : 1.21
Publisher : GrafiaData
Website :
Platform : iOS (Universal)
Price : $1.99

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