Love CoronaSDK - Here's some Help

CoronaSDK is soon becoming the favourite of so many new developers. In fact the number of downloads for CoronaSDK built apps has already crossed 19,000,000 (millions) and were at 18,000,000 about 4 days ago. This is a very good sign of how things are if one can manage to ride the wave of rapid apps.

The biggest issue with many developers that start using CoronaSDK (specially the ones that have a *een* at the end of their age) is knowing how to do a lot of things, as they have some genuine difficulties with concepts of development and keep looking for assistance from the forums, etc, cut paste code expecting it to work.

From InfusedDreams comes the HelperLib, a set of functions that can be included in your project and offers a whole lot of functionality that one can use straight out of the box without really bothering about knowing a whole lot of things. It contains things like

  • Spawning and Removing objects
  • 77 effects that can be applied to any object, like moveRight, Shake, fadeToLeft etc
  • Swipe library that manages the swipe gestures
  • Save and Load data from and to files
  • Integrate FTP operations in the app
  • Check for internet connectivity
  • A delayed EventListener
  • Easier native alerts
  • Textfield placeholders in the simulator
to name a few of the major functionalities available in the HelperLib

The library has been put together by a CoronaSDK developer that has found the necessity of these features in a commonly accessible library.

The library comes in the form of the lua files that can be added to the project using a require function, it has a corresponding PDF file that serves as the documentation for this library and has sample apps that demonstrate the use of the library.

It is priced at an introductory price of €15 which will then revert back to €30. The author also offers free upgrades to all future versions for the lifetime of the library. If there is a particular functionality not featured that might be required can be requested and the Author has mentioned that it could be added.

Software : HelperLib API
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Infused Dreams
Website :
Twitter : @infuseddreams
Platform : Mac/Windows (Requires CoronaSDK to function)
Demo : None
Price : €15 (Introductory Price)

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