HTML5 is there, Flash Banners beware

You have seen Movie Maker, Story Maker, SlideShow Maker, iMovie and many more such apps on the Mac OSX and on the Windows Platform. The idea of these apps are to provide an interface to stitch together a series of images, sound to form a presentation.

MotionComposer is an app that is in pre-release ß and is another amazing app from Aquafadas. Aquafadas have made a name for themselves within the Industry for their apps to create web slideshows, banners and content. They have taken this a step further with the functionality to offer the same in Flash and HTML5, so that users with an iOS or a non Flash supporting type device can also display the same gracefully as it was intended.

Motion Composer is more of a self containing IDE that allows one to create animation from three simple elements, a Rectangle, Text and an Image. The screen is like an artboard or a working space where one can drag drop these items. On the right hand side is the Inspector that allows changing the properties of these elements placed on the work area. Below the workspace is the timeline or the Frames which are similar to the Animation frames in PhotoShop or the Frames in ScreenFlow or any software that allows editing and compositing images/videos according to a timeline. These elements can be placed on the frame's work areas as one might want it in the final output, and then position the same differently on the next frame, Motion Composer will tween the in-between frames. A quick HTML5 preview will open the browser and display the results, I could not set the browser that I wanted to open the preview in, despite having multiple browsers on my system. Publish option creates an upload ready copy of the animation that can be placed on the website.

Since we have a Demo & pre-release version, it overlays the text "Made with Motion Composer" on the final animation. It would be nice if there was an option to output just HTML5, not use the flash plug-in.

Aquafadas also seems to be affected by the Summer Heat, they are running the Crazy Summer Weeks where they intend to release 4 products between the 19th of July and 28th of July, so look out for 19/07/11, 21/07/11, 26/07/11 and 28/07/11

So also keep tuned for more reviews and early release sneak peeks from Aquafadas.
We can only run the giveaway once the product is launched, since Motion Composer is in Pre-Release stage, there is no giveaway till it is released.

Software : Motion Composer
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Aquafadas
Website :
Twitter : @aquafadas1
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Demo : 30 days
Price : $TBA

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