How well are you doing on the iTunes Store?

How well are you doing on the iTunes store, this is a very common question that any developer would like to know, and if the app starts to escalate in downloads and gets featured on the iTunes store, that is just great. The question remains how would one track the daily progress of the apps?

The simplest way that Apple suggests is to view the data in the Apple Dashboard or download their Mobile iTunes Connect software called "iTC mobile". If anyone has more than a couple of apps will instantly find that the Apple solution is passable for a few apps, like 1-4. It is passable as the reports are not really much to work with. It does not let one analyse the data properly.

This is where a third party solution like App Viz 2 comes into the picture. It is the iTunes Dashboard on steroids, it has many more functions included in the app. For starters, it has a Dashboard with an overview that displays the Revenue for a range of dates. It has smaller graphs below that display the revenues/sales/updates, etc. There are tabs that allow for switching between Dashboard, Reviews, Rankings, Graphs, Event and Reporting. One thing that Apple omitted for developers is Rankings, they rank and feature software but it is not published for a developer on how the rankings are reached. It could be on the revenues made, on the Number of downloads, it is anyones guess. However App Viz 2 makes a calculated estimate of the Rankings and gets the rankings for the apps as of that particular date.

The Reviews Tab displays the reviews that people left for the apps, it can collate all the reviews or present them for a particular region. However the regions selctable in AppViz2 are limited to a set in the drop down, which I suspect is populated from the actual regions that made comments, so if there was a comment from Paraguay, it might feature in that list, and if there were none from Peru, then it will not feature in that list.

If the apps are not in the top 200 or 500 the ranks are not visible, but when the app does reach a particular point, the rankings are seen in this tab. Some of our apps had reached high positions in the past, but we shall never know as we did not get reports like there.

The Graphs Tab displays a graph with the sales, trend and the geographical distribution of the sales

The events Tab is a way to record the events to co-relate with why the sales dipped or peaked for a particular app and if there were any updates, etc that were released.

The last tab for reports displays the report data from the iTunes store that is for the Free, Paid and iAd type reports. These reports are very useful specially the Weekly, Monthly Financial and the Daily ones, this provides a very detailed breakup of where the apps were sold and how many.

In a sense that’s all that the software does, but for a developer that needs to have a handle on the progress of the apps, monitor the situation, AppViz2 is like a Mission Control Station with total feedback on the happenings in the iTunes Store space. This can help one avoid the "Huston, we have a problem" type situations.

AppViz2 is moderately priced at $49.00, the developers IdeaSwarm even offer a trial version to try.

Software : AppViz 2
Version : 2.0.3
Publisher : ideaSwarm
Website :
Twitter : @AppViz
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Demo : 30 days
Price : $49.00

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