This is NOT part of the twilight franchise

True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Being Human, look around they are all there, yes Vampires, it is a big theme with everyone, specially the Twilight series. Blood Fever is an iOS Game from d.k.d Internet Services.

As soon as the game is launched, one can see the intense work that has gone into the making of the graphics and code. The splash screen is interesting, for a couple of reasons, one it has a retro comic feel, reminds me of the first episodes of MAD - Tales from the Crypt. The Main Character Darko, a vampire (he looks like a mix between John Travolta from Grease, With his hair, Mr. Spock with the Vulcan ears and a bunny rabbit with the two front vampire teeth. It also reminds me of Monica comic strips from "Turma de Monica" from Brazil) is sipping a glass of some Bloody Cocktail. He's vegetarian and has Soy Blood (What can one not make from Soy) As the app loads, the glass seems to empty.

The screens and dialogs are all made in the same retro comic style graphics, with panels as buttons. Speech and thought bubbles act as options. So even before one can play the game, the entire look and feel gives a feeling of awe and anticipation for the game.

The gameplay is simple, Darko has to keep the Zombies, Frankenstein, some kind of slugs away from his coffin and also keep away from Van Helsinki, who is out to hunt him. So when the game actually starts, the music is wonderful, the graphics and animations are nice, However suddenly as the Zombies start to appear, a feeling of panic overcomes that the controls do not work as anticipated, or rather How does one control Darko?? A little fingering the screen (no puns intended) it reveals that Darko has to e flicked around the screen at an angle to get the zombies attacking. When they reach the coffin, the music changes indicating Danger and the Blood Bar starts to reduce, when the blood reaches a critical state, Darko is overcome by Fever, Blood Fever.

The game progresses with the introduction of more characters as the levels progress. Each having some new characteristic, like the running Zombies or Frank the Tank or Frank The Tank with a Jacket.

For a game that is pleasant, and casual and yet gripping (no puns intended) at $0.99 this is a worth buy. Due to the top positions being "reserved" for a few apps or companies, Blood Fever seems to be one of the Hidden Gems. So for a chill down the spine feeling, get it and start playing.

Software : Blood Fever
Version : 1.0.2
Publisher : dkd Internet Service GmbH
Website :
Twitter : @Blood_Fever
Platform : iOS
Price : $0.99

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