Never too Old to be smart

There are the three R that are Really Really impoRtant, Rock n Roll Rickets. Oh osrry, that's Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. Similarly there are three C's that are important too, Carlos, Corona and Continuing Education.

So what is Continuing Education all about and what are the other two C's that most do not know about? CoronaSDK that many would know is now becoming the standard framework for rapid Mobile application building. Carlos is the wonderful one man show that engages the Cosmic Corona Community and tries to keep them at bay, away from the hardworking Engineers at Ansca.

So why would a review about an app be talking about another company that makes a framework? It is because Ansca released the CoronaUI, a library that provides simulated native controls for use. Due to the way Corona UI is implemented using OpenGL, native components are a bit difficult to add. Thus came into being the CoronaUI library. Now, making an app that mimics the standard look and feel of an iPhone app is, so yesterday. There needs to be some freshness to the UI's and that is exactly what Alberto Fonseca from Innowebtech has done.

Continuing Education is a simple concept it is useful for professionals that need to track their time to keep their licenses current, or for those that are undertaking courses and need to track budgets and licenses. An average student would not benefit from this much, but can still attempt to use it. However Professionals would benefit from this immensely. I have to have 30 hours of contact time for keeping my "Certified Professional" accreditation from ACS (Australian Computer Society) though there is an online facility that allows me to track all of that online. It would be nice to have it with me at any time on my trusted iOS device.

The UI is refreshing and done by Hollye Chapman, I am sure you will get a lot of offers from other developers for the lovely work that you have done. Putting it together is brilliantly done by Alberto, proving that CoronaSDK is not just for games but can be used for business apps as well.

We wish this app all the best and hope to see it evolve into lot more in the coming updates. The reason for our soft corner on this is the fact that we re-released our app OZ Universities using CoronaSDK about a week ago and it broke away from the standard UI features of the native device, and was the first few in the series of Business Apps for CoronaSDK.

Software : Continuing Education
Version : 1.0
Publisher : InnoWeb Tech Apps
Website :
Platform : iOS
Price : $0.99

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