Meet Vladu Bogdan

This week's interview will be with Bogdan Vladu
First, please take a moment to introduce yourself

I’m a developer from Romania, with background in air and train traffic control software. My job has taken me from Madrid to Berlin and recently Cannes. In my spare time I develop Mac and iOS applications.

What platforms do you develop for?
In general I have experience developing on almost all platforms, however for my personal projects I enjoy developing mostly for Mac and iOS.

How many Apps have you published?
Currently I have two apps published on Mac App Store dedicated to game developers and one game on the way.

What was your flagship app that you think brought you to the limelight?
LevelHelper. An app that helps in creating levels for games done with Cocos2d or Corona SDK with support for Box2d and Chipmunk physic engines.

Which is your favourite app amongst all your apps?
I have to say that I enjoy working on my apps the same way. With every iteration making them better and better. I put allot of work in trying to give the user the best experience it can have.

What is your favourite app that you have not created?
I’m very excited about the next game I’m going to make. It’s a game done in partnership with a great artist. Unfortunately I cannot give more details.

What is your favourite device (Computer & Phone) and why?
I think my preferences meet the ones of most of the people/users - iPad/iPhone and Mac Book.

Can you tell us a little bit more about LevelHelper?
I designed LevelHelper with simplicity in mind. I wanted something that will let me create levels for my future projects and in the same time give me control in the code over what I add in the level. As a programmer I want to have full control over everything, that’s why I provide code to load the level files and methods to access everything inside.

What was the inspiration for the app?
It all started as an internal tool that got transformed into its own product. Unity Engine was one of the engines that inspired me in the creation of LevelHelper.

What are the main categories your apps are in? (Games/Utilities/etc)
Developer tools.

Do you advertise for any apps you have published? What was the outcome/results?
I haven’t done any paid advertising. The only promotion of the apps I’ve done was through forums. Since currently I only have tools for developers, I try to reach them through specialized forums. Twitter is another great marketing tool that I didn’t believe in until I tried it.

When did you start development?
I started development at a young age. I still remember the moment when a friend of my parents introduced me to the game “Prince of Persia”. I believe that was the trigger for me - that’s when I realized, I want to follow the software developer path. What back then was the curiosity of a child helped me in becoming a developer.

How did you get into Development? What attracted you to this?
I was attracted by the possibility's you have as a developer, not having to depend on software done by others that maybe don’t provide you with exactly what you need - ability to create your own rules and put into practice your own vision. I think the best feeling you have as a developer is when you run your first Hello World program in a new language. After that the feeling is harder and harder to achieve.

What is your favourite programming language?
I’m attached to all programming language but I have to say I’m most fond of Objective C and C++.

Do you believe in the giving back code to the society to help aid development?
I believe in helping people learn how to walk. If I see forum post somewhere and I know the answer I will certainly submit such answer. Part of the support I give to LevelHelper doesn’t even involve my software but specific scenarios that particular user wants to make in his/her game. I’m glad to help whenever I can.

Do you have any GitHub repositories or OpenSource or code repos?
No, I have nothing open source.

What do you do other than Development?
In the summer I do kayaking several times a week and in the winter I practice ski almost every weekend.

What is your method of commute? (Bike, Train, Car, Walk)
I do carpooling with some of my colleagues. Nevertheless I use my bike whenever I have the chance.

So what is next in the pipeline for you?
To keep improving both LevelHelper and SpriteHelper and to finish the game I currently work on.

What advice would you give to other developers out there?
My personal belief is that there is always a better solution and nothing is impossible, you know how they say “no guts, no glory”. Always search for that better solution and believe in yourself no matter what. It will only make you better in what you do, and if it doesn’t kill you will probably make you stronger.

Would you want to provide your contact details if anyone would want to get in touch with you?
Sure, I can be contacted at

Thank you for your time, we appreciate your participation
Thank you for giving me the opportunity.