Digital =/= Paperless, or is it?

Paper, Paper everywhere, not a tree to spare, oh, that used to be Water Water Everywhere, not a drop to drink. It seems like DejaVu on an earlier review of another product, where we did mention that in the late 1990's every corporation was high on Paperless and has set the 2000 as the Paperless, well, the Y2K scare sure got them. Did we go paperles? It is 2011, 11 years hence, we are not as yet paperless, we do have tablets and wirelesss printers, but we are ending up using more paper than before.

Mariner Software has quite a few offerings for us, one that particularly caught our attention was Paperless, Now in version 2. Having been a professional during the 90's I had suggested and tried to implement a few strategies on going paperless, obviously the more the Management was reminded of going paperless, the more they wanted copies.

Now, it is the law that every piece of information requires to be stored for about 7 years, one can file their taxes online without submitting any paperwork, but are required to keep copies of the paperwork send. Banks have stopped sending out statements and have the options of online statements, Utility bills can be sought online, PDF bills are common. Tablets and iPhones have replaced the offices to give the Mobile Professionals options. So are we paperless yet? Can we manage out lives digitally?

I have seen students sitting at the University's labs, downloading entertainment for their use, either from peers or from the internet. Work on a mac and start iTunes only to find a whole lot of other users with macs and sharing their song libraries. How do people manage their music, when there are GB's of data and thousands of files, and many of them just called track1.mp3. iTunes steps into this void and does a good job. Paperless is and can be called the iTunes for scanned documents.

There were options available where small servers with 1GB of Hard Drives were available and a built-in CD-ROM burner with a web interface to search the data. That is not for everyone. so what does the average Joe use? That is where Paperless comes in.

1. Paperless works with practically any scanner using TWAIN or through Apple's Image capture. Though Mariner has tied up with Fujitsu with their range of scanners, the S1500M, S1300 or the S1100.
2. Most government Offices have started to accept digital documents.
3. If the need to have a paper trail of all bills, invoices, etc are required for personal use, or for accounting, or whatever the reason, this is one of the best places to store them all and be able to retrieve them based on various attributes, like keywords, date, size, type, etc
4. There is an OCR functionality that is in-built with Paperless, so the searches can transcend beyond the metadata surrounding the image, but also go deeper into the scanned images themselves.
5. As I g=found that not only is this good for bills and business uses, it is a good alternative to iPhone like functionality, I agree that Paperless cannot compete with iPhone as that is not the utility it is meant for, but I prefer it this way as I do not get all my images synchronised with the iOS devices everytime I want to sync them.
6. Create categories to classify documents into
7. Document of type, emails, pdf, text, word, excel, RTF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc that can be imported into Paperless.
8. One additional feature that is really helpful is Reporting, reports can be created on documents and statistics
9. Managing / working with the documents is very easy, QuickLook, Emailing the document, or opening the document is all just a click away.

Paperless actually rendered us speechless and the only word that we could mutter was "WOW"
Paperless is available as a 30 day free trial version that one can download and give it a try. It might seem pricey but for the functionality that it offers that is nothing, one can spend more money on buying plastic boxes, Manila Folder, Dividers and other stationery required to store and file all the paperwork neatly and properly. However, with Paperless, it is Scan and file, locating one later is just a matter of searching, by keywords or visually.

If one had an Application like iTunes for Documents, then paperless is it.

Software : Paperless
Version : 2.0.3
Publisher : Mariner Software
Website :
Twitter : @marinersoftware
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Demo : 30 days
Price : $49.95

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