The Defenders of the Universe

Watch movies? I always wonder what is it that America is upto in the sense, Independence Day, Aliens want to attack USA, Armageddon, the asteroid will collide with America, any disaster that has to ever take place, America is open hearted and willing to take on it.

While the world for America is limited to the US of A, the rest of the world think slightly further, so from addictivegamezone comes a new intergalactic game Orbital Defender, the player is entrusted the task of protecting the Solar System. The game is a well polished product. It has a clean interface, engaging graphics and good sound fx. The gameplay is simple, there are asteroids and other dangers that are approaching the orbiting satellite that is send to protect the planet. There are over 20 levels in game, while there are 4 to sample the game in the Lite version.

One reason why the solar System is in danger is perhaps because AddictiveGameZone are a Czech Republic based development studio.

The game is worth having a look and trying out atleast the Lite version before one makes up the mind to spend $0.99

The game is created in CoronaSDK, it is but a wonder that a lot of developers are adopting coronaSDK for mobile development. Since this seems like the first of many releases from AddictiveGamesZone, we congratulate them on this and look forward to many more to come.

Software : Orbital Defender
Version : 1.0
Publisher : AddictiveGameZone (Petra Pavlicova)
Website :
Platform : iOS
Price : $0.99

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