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Ever watched this clip? This has been one of the best clips that I have ever seen till date. here

For those that have not clicked on it, it is a link to the opening titles of Desparado, featuring Antonio Banderas. I don't know how well he can play, but everytime I watch this, it reminds me that I *must* learn to play the guitar.

Learning the guitar is a dream that a lot of us have, for various reasons, maybe as a teen it was more about the "amore" the crooning for love, or to mesmerise people at a gathering, the it was Slash with the solo in November Rain, or Bon Jovi and his guitaring then it was Country songs. However for the record, I never got to buying a guitar, leave alone learning to play. Maybe it might go on the list of things I need to do before God knows when.

After Bubble Ball created by Robert Nay, a 14 year old, a lot of people took notice of the platform that he used, namely CoronaSDK. This is an easy to use platform with quick results. Chris Bryant runs a Guitar School in downtown Los Gatos, California. He was one of the individuals that were also piqued with curiosity on what this tool/framework offered. Given some time with it, the result is a mobile app called Guitar School. It is available on the iTunes Store and the Android Store and available for $0.99

As a first attempt, this app is quite neat, given that there are so many users that download the framework but do nothing with it and most of them are developers. The App reminds me of a mutli-media project from the 90's created in Director (pre-flash days) It follows a nice linear flow with a menu and then branching off to a section and back to the menu. There are some audio clips that can be played from within the section. The Images are quite nice however there is too much text and that puts someone off. An interactive section would be much better and involving, at the moment this is more like a kiosk with information at a tourist attraction. The app can evolve to a lot more given the developer wants to take it further.

Sometimes good ideas are stopped in their tracks due to the fact that there is no further funding or the developer has lost interest and moved on to other things. This is the first version and Chris seems to be motivated, so I would love to see updates with more interactive features in the app. The interface is excellent, it is just the interactivity that is missing.

Software : Guitar School
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Chris Bryant
Website :
Twitter : @guitarschoolapp
Platform : iOS
Demo : None
Price : $0.99
Mac App Store :

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