Is it the same? Yes and it is better

Here's a quick review of a new iOS game that has wonderful gameplay. The idea behind the game is simple. Match the object of the same colour and try not to let 6 of any colour gather or it is game over.

The game has four modes, they are
* Free Play
* Timer Mode
* [object] Mode
* Challenge Mode

and there are Four Seasons (not the Sheraton ones) Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. What each of the season is is basically a skin for the season and the third type of game is based on the [object] for the season. The game does get hectic and that is what makes it challenging. The game play is simple, drag a falling object onto another object of the same colour, however upon matching, of the two objects only one object disappears. So that keeps piling up. For example on the Spring level, the objects to collect are the flowers and the obstacles are bees. There are three lives that forgive hitting into bees. If three bees are struck or more than 6 flowers of the same kind are allowed to be collected, it's Game over.

The graphics are nice, it seems that the Author has made both the Graphics and coded the game. The graphics are nice and the game entertaining.

The author did have a hidden gem in the settings called the Toddler Mode, the entire game gets slow and easier to play for toddlers. However, from our experience with a few games for kids it would be better if the objects would just be there for kids to interact with rather than play as a kids idea of game is different than a challenge.

All said and done, for $0.99 it is a casual game that can be played anywhere without really bothering much, a true casual gaming experience.

Software : Match It Up
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Victor Bravo LLC
Website :
Platform : iOS (3.0 or higher)
Price : $0.99
iTunes Store :

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