Here's your chance... Developers

Woo Hoo, for all the developers out there, If you want to create apps for either of the three OS, Windows, Mac or Linux, Real Basic just works and lets you develop on either of the platforms. Not only that it also allows for creating Web Apps that are rendered onto any browser and the source is safe as there is no HTML to tinker with.

You can read about Real Basic here. Now, here's the deal, Real Studio has kindly donated a copy of RealStudio2011 Enterprise, a AUD $950 value (USD $1,015, €712.55)

WHY ??
There are two reasons for them donating this
1. They are good hearted folks and would want to help developers with tools
2. It is part of the Competition that we are running

What is that?
We have a competition that allows you to download the trial version of RealStudio2011 that works for 30 days and use it to create an Application/Game. The contest closes on the 30th of June 2011 and the winner shall be announced by mid July 2011. The winner gets the copy of RealStudio2011 Enterprise.

We might add other prizes for this competition to provide other entries a chance to win something too.

Please send us the source files for judging, compiled executables shall not be accepted.
The code remains your property but no entries shall be returned
Do not use copyrighted images, sounds or code in your entry
Portions of the Code/Screenshots might be shared on the reviewme site for other developers to see.
A developer may make as many entries as they wish
The contest ends on the 30th of June 2011 23:59 (GMT) adjust for your time Zone
Use RealStudi2011 to create your entries, if you do not have RealStudio2011, you can download a trial version from their website.

The points that shall be used for judging are
1. Overall appeal of the Application/Game
2. Intelligent use of functions/routines
3. FX and UI shall obviously add value
4. Functionality and Utility of the Application

For many of the CoronaSDK users that have been requesting for a way to create desktop apps, for the MacApp Store or create tools for development for Android/iOS devices, please go ahead. This is the best option available at this point of time.

So get your fingers tapping on the keyboard/mouse and get coding...