Blogger Troubles

Blogger, the Google engine that powers these blogs play up and it has been a while that it has been playing up, the worst part is that there is no way of understanding what the issue is. Finally on doing a google search, it was revealed that this is a problem that every blogger is facing/has faced/will face. The Editor is updated by Google and for some strange reason it kind of doesn't finish loading and hence the spinning circle stays on screen and there is nothing that can be typed in the message body. It is quite frustrating. However said it works perfectly fine on the iPad, so there is something that is different between the desktop and the iPad version, that is the issue.

Finally I had to change the Editor to the olde one and I am able to write the post. I could have continued writing the posts using MarsEdit, an amazing blogging software. It was just the fact that the images are stored differently via MarsEdit than directly via Blogger.

This is one of the reasons for the lack of reviews in the past few days apart from other things on the plate. Come rain or shine, there are plenty of apps that are waiting for review, waiting in the wings.