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When creating a game, the best way to increase engagement is by having more content, and the way to have more content is to have more levels. Creating levels is not an easy task. It requires so many hours of planning and positioning of elements in a physics based game. Plan it on paper then port it to the development environment, test it out and then deploy it, right?

Vladu Bogdan has a second treat for us and this time it is in the form of a Level Editor called LevelHelper. Now why would anyone want a level generator/editor? well to create levels. This is an editor that allows the developer to use the sprite sheet generated with the help of SpriteHelper (a bit of a shame that it imports SpriteHelper generated sheets only, but then to test there is the Free version of SpriteHelper)

Creating levels is as easy as dragging and dropping images. Selected images can be cloned/duplicated easily. Each item placed on the map can be transformed into a static image or a physics body. The UI has elements not only to easily create physics body but also physics joints. The tool is very inclusive and for testing the levels that one creates, the developer has also created a helper app called the LHScene Tester which is a free download and the levels created can be tested using this app.

The tool is a comprehensive app, it is one of those that keeps growing and each time it is used, there is something new and more to learn. Code is generated for a multitude of Engines, including Cocos2D with Box2D or Chipmunk and using Objective-C or C++ and Corona. The tool is a gem that makes level creation a breeze. It is available on the Mac App store for $14.99

In fact for those developers that have little or no experience with Level design, this tool is a must, it generates code that is easily usable and it just works out of the box providing all the whiz bangs required like collisions, physics, joints, world boundaries, etc

Software : LevelHelper
Version : 1.2
Publisher : Vladu Bogdan
Website :
Twitter : @vladubogdan
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Demo : None
Price : $14.99
Mac App Store :

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  1. I got these applications (SpriteHelper & LevelHelper) with very little programming knowledge. With them I was able to put together some great projects very quickly. Great products!

  2. Vladu Bogdan developed really a very essential tool to create physics based game. He is a great person and very helpful. If you face any problem just send him a mail and he will answer promptly.

    Best luck Vladu.


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