Love your recordings? We do too.

Recollect the olden days, just a few decades ago, when the magnetic media that mattered were not Hard Disks but Tapes, like we have IDE, PATA, SATA; the tapes were CrO2, Metal, Normal or 60, 90 and so on. Tapes were used for everything, be it Music, Recordings, Games, etc

Tapes were also a wonderful way to store recordings of people that mattered, Uncles, Aunts, cousins, family that one does not meet very often, these days it is generally video shot. Still the idea of listening to a tap as the spindles spin and the tape rolls over the reel is just an amazing experience.

SuperMegaUltraGroovy and Toasty Code, bring back the experience of working with a Tape with TapeDeck. An on screen tape recorder and playback application. It is devices to create recordings from the mac and stored as Tapes which are visually seen as cassettes on the rack. Each recording shows up as a tap and holds the recording, there are no limits on the size of the recording. or the number of tapes that can be held.

Underneath the beautiful interface, the App is a recorder, it is easy to record as intuitively all it requires is the user click on the record button and it will keep recording till Stop is clicked. The recordings are using the Apple Lossless Audio Codec, so they are crisp and there is *no loss* in quality of the recording. The TapBox on the side that holds the recording as tapes are ordered chronologically and can be customised by changing the text, color and searched on using the title, date, time, quality and colour. The recordings created can be exported into the various formats supported on the machine.

The tapes can be send to iTunes, can be uploaded to YouTube, Not only the sound from the Microphone, but also the sounds from other channels can be recorded, so making game demo soundtracks is easier than holding a microphone to the speakers. Tape Deck works like a regular tape recorder, where the playback can be rewound or fast forwarded.

Not only does TapeDeck look slick and provide a retro feel, it does it so well that in this digital age where a lot skin their music players to have sci-fi/modern interfaces, I love TapeDeck for the retro look and feel it provides.

A note of caution, I have lost many a recordings as a child by accidentally recording over the wrong tape or forced to tape over another due to not having a blank tape at my disposal. With TapeDeck, any new recording creates a new tape, so one cannot accidentally overwrite a recording and there are plenty of virtual tapes available to TapeDeck, so no worries on that one either.

Software : TapeDeck
Version : 1.4
Publisher : SuperMegaUltraGroovy and Toasty Code
Website :
Twitter : @toastycode
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Demo : None
Price : $25
Mac App Store :

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