Kids say the darnest things

Kids say the darnest things, they can really let their imaginations run wild and tell some really wild stories. Now that is hardly a problem, it might be a bit irritating for the parents to live with, but that is a very imaginative mind, if channeled properly, that can produce the next bestseller.

For this review, we are looking at a series of animated stories. These are interactive and do give the child hours of fun playing with the character in the story. At the moment there are three stories that are available, the Crow and the Pitcher, The Fox and the Grapes and the Lion and the Mouse.

The app starts with a mouse that drops from the top of the screen and can be flung around the screen by just flicking it around. The characters bounce with a characteristic bounce as found with Box2D objects, but in this case the object is created by connecting a few pieces which give the head of the mouse, the body and the tail movement individually, but then together as a whole unit. In the stories, clicking on the character sometimes has sound effects of the animals, the crow caws. The spider in the same story can be flung around it is firmly attached to the web. The stones can be thrown around (but then they start to float in anti-gravity) As the stones start to fall into the pitcher, the water level increases.
In the Lion and the Mouse, the Mouse can be thrown around the screen like a rag doll, the lion caught in the trap can also be tossed around.

On each page of the story, the animals are made interactive. The fox reminds me of my Alsatian that does not want to sit, you can push the fox down to a sit position, but it stands up again.

From a kids perspective, they are least interested in the technical know how, the characters seems to be lively to engage the attention of the child and let them play with the app. The words to the story are few and well placed, there is a background music that repeats itself, which could be varied for the stories, but the sound effects are good and appropriate. There is a spring boing sound when the Fox jumps.
Failing to get the grapes, the fox gets madder and madder, (to me it looked like "Fire"Fox if it got any more mad with smoke out of its ears)

There are achievements hidden in the story for interacting with the elements.

Last that we looked at this app, it was free and came with one story, there was a giveaway code for an extra story. The illustrations by Vicki Wenderlich are good.

This is a good app from Ray Wenderlich and it is a must try for the iOS. From a technical perspective, most of the effects are possible via Physics (Box2D) but the extra work put over that engine make a lot of difference.

Software : Wild Tales
Version : 1.1
Publisher : Razeware LLC
Website :
Twitter : @razeware
Platform : iOS
Price : $ FREE
iTunes App Store :

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