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Move over Ben Stiller... Who does not love the movies, and who does not love to use their iPhones and the camera to shoot pictures and sometimes an odd video or two? Here is a wonderful app for all of those that love to record video on the iPhones but suffer from the most common issue with modern cameras, stutter, the shakes or jitters.

From Creaceed, comes this lovely little app on the iOS device called Movie Stiller, it has no relationship with Ben Stiller other than it loves the camera. The app is very easy to use and anyone can use the app to stabilize their movies. I tried with a particular clip that I had of my dogs in the park, where I was shooting with one hand and trying to play fetch with them, so throwing the stick with the other and trying to keep them in the frame, the results are awesome.

The app starts with a screen and one can select a video to stabilize (post-production) the app analyses each frame which can take a bit of time depending on the movie length and resolution. Once it has been analysed, the movie can be played back with a varying degree of stabilization that correct the shake/jitter and when the results are to the liking, the movie can be exported back to the Photo Album. As simple as that, nothing complicated

Software : Movie Stiller
Version : 1.1
Publisher : Creaceed
Website : http://www.creaceed.com/elasty/iphone/
Platform : iOS 4.2 or later
Price : $2.99
iTunes Store : http://itunes.apple.com/app/movie-stiller/id397583851

Creaceed have provided us with a few copies of Movie Stiller to give away ASAP as they will expire within the month, so get it quick
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