Ever required version control?

Ever worked on an app where if the file was not saved, all of the editing is lost just because it was supposed to be saved the moment after something happened, or something was edited and saved and now there is no way to revert back to the older version prior to saving it. “That's what Version Control is for” I can hear some readers say, Yes, that's right, that's what version control is for. Which one should I choose, SVN, CVS, Mercurial, Sharepoint, Is it integrated with the app that I am using? Do I have to learn a whole new set of command line stuff? Is there a GUI based front end?

Decisions and processes before it starts to work. Most of the version control software are good for a distributed environment. Most developers love it for the *blame* feature, they know who messed up the code. For many that work alone on their own machine blame and other things might not be so important as having backups would be. Time-Machine could be another option, but for one file creating backups every so often is an overkill, but a passable solution.

Tool Force Software has ForeverSave, which is currently at version 1.1.5. ForeverSave does away with the hassles of using the above mentioned version control software or techniques. In a simple sentence, install ForeverSave, configure it for the app that is being used, and that's all there is to it.

On start up, the app sits in the MenuBar, the control center is the hub of all program control. Adding/Removing a new application is as simple as clicking on the + or the - buttons, editing the configuration sounds like a very tedious task, but it is broken up into a series of Wizard based tasks, which go through a series of settings one by one. At any point, the default settings can be applied overwriting these settings.

I have had TextEdit set up with this setting, every time that I switch to another app and return, a snapshot is taken and backed up. So there is not much that needs to be done to take backups, I also have that if I am working on TextEdit and do not save for a period, it will again make a backup of the data. The best part of the software is that it is all controlled from one point. Integration with Quickview allows to quickly preview the backup data.

ForeverSave just works so well with the apps and backs up the data, that Tool Force Software also included the facility to share the ForeverSave database with colleagues. ForeverSave *is* the first app of its type.

For those working with code and testing, this is the best option, every time the code is run and focus returned to the editor, the data is saved, this way is there was something that did not work or a previous code that was tested but then removed as it was not required several iterations ago, can be retrieved at the click of button. Just click on the backup file and select restore...VOILA!!

Never lose another productive moment worrying about losing files and apps crashing, with ForeverSave you're covered.

Software : ForeverSave
Version : 1.1.5
Publisher : Tool Force Software
Website : http://www.tool-forcesw.com/foreversave/features/
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Demo : 30 days
Price : $14.95
Store : http://store.kagi.com/?6FEAK_LIVE

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