Change me - sings Keri Hilson

Change Me is one of the most common thing that everyone might have thought of at least once in their lifetime. It is not strange, but the desire to change, to change into something else has always played with our minds. The alter egos of super heroes were on my mind as a kid, I would think that I would have a spider bite or find a magical hammer, or that I must make a cape and learn acrobatics and so on. It was a teenager growing up saying Change Me

I did not get a chance to be a real life super hero, I did not find any hammers or radioactive spiders, nor did I stray into gamma ray radiations. Around the early 90's a lot of developers started to play with the concept of morphing. In fact, at the time Microsoft had released their first set of MSDN CD's I cannot recollect the name but they had a morphing sample or maybe it was to demonstrate Alpha Blending, it was (i can recollect vaguely) an alien morphing into a penguin or something. I think that was a sample to promote Video For Windows also released around the same time.

Morphing became such a big phenomenon, there was the most famous morph of a girl's face transforming into a cheetah's face. Many movies used the morphing effect, but then suddenly it disappeared. There were no more morphing apps, it *might* have been continued to be used in the movie business but in the main stream IT, it had disappeared.

Creaceed have been working on a morphing software (code named Hydra?) now in version 4.07 called Morph Age Pro, this is a simplistic software that allows to morph between two images, Well, before one might start to think, so this is basically a port from the older software for a new 64-bit platform? No it is not, not only can Morph Age Pro morph between Images, but also between videos. it tracks the keyframes and detects the face in a video.

There are not many options on the screen so working with the software is not complex or hard. However, if one has never worked with an Morphing software, the idea is that the areas highlighted are morphed together, a vector object drawn on the first picture will morph to the area in the second picture. so it does require a fair bit of work involving changing the positions and scale of the vectors to suit the image.

Images also require to be taken as close to the original as possible. During morphing, one can see artifacts, this is also due to the way morphing is handled by the software. If there are areas of overlaps, it cannot be seen, it had some artifacts that appear.

However, even with a very few points set, the morph quality is amazing. The accompanying help/user manual is so comprehensive that one that has no idea and never worked with a Morphing software can easily catch up and start. The quality is good, but if one expects that the next Cream Video or Micheal Jackson's Black or White can be made, well, that is a little bit away for now.

If there could be some kind of masking or attributing the background not to morph but instead remain static, the quality of the morph might actually increase, sometimes because of the background moving, the edges of the image show up and spoil the morph quality.

These are a bit of a let down, apart from that, the software is for all that want to dabble with morphing. Not just because it is a good program and we are recommending but also due to it being one of the few morphing apps out there.

If morphing is what you are after, then Morph Age Pro is your app.

Software : Morph Age Pro
Version : 4.0.7
Publisher : Creaceed
Website :
Twitter : @TWITTER
Platform : Mac OS X (10.5.x or higher)
Demo : ? days
Price : $149.95

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