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BubbleBall hit the million downloads and a lot of people were then looking for the platform that BubbleBall was made on. Starting 2011, a lot of developers have made some wonderful games that have reached the New and Noteorthy listings and some have also topped the charts and done well for the developers. So, it means that the framework used by the BubbleBall is a good framework for creating games.

There are a lot of developers that create games, but then there are the ones that focus on more serious applications or rather have non-gaming applications that require the components of iOS Native UI. Due to the apparent non availability, the framework was being thought of as a game creator framework rather than understand the true power of the framework.

While various developers were busy working on the gaps that they found personally while working on the framework, David of GameHK was working on creating the UI for the framework. The UI Components are a series of Native UI components that can be added, these are *NOT* native but created to look and feel like native UI controls (Skinned). The first release does not have all the components and an official UI component library was also released to complement the framework, so rather than duplicate, David has focused on components that are unavailable and required, like the Graph control.

Here is a list of components that are included in the UI framework from David are
  • Navigation Bar
  • Switch
  • ProgressView
  • Slider
  • Toolbar
  • ToolButton
  • macWindow
  • MediaPlayButton
  • MacRadioButton
  • MacCheckBox
  • Graph

The entire source code is available on purchase, but do not let that be exciting news, the entire code is Obfuscated. The code works fine and renders fine on all the three iOS platforms, the iPod/iPhone3, iPhone4, iPad

Usage is the easiest of all, here are some samples of how easy it is to use these elements.

local UI = require("advanceUi")
This is how the library is initialised for use, notice line #3, the theme is called "original", which means the controls can be skinned to reflect any theme that one wants, by creating a new skin and using that.

local switch = UI.switch:new() = 50 = 150
local fn=function(isOn)
 if isOn==true
  print("Switch is on")
  print("Switch is off")

Adding a Navigation Bar is as simple as
local navigationBar = UI.NavigationBar:new()

and to whet the appetite, here's another one which is a Mac Window (resizable)
local macWindow = UI.MacWindow:new()

local displayPane = macWindow.displayPane
 local fn = function(status)
  if status=="clicked" then

I am sure that as David keeps working on this and has constant improvements, there will be more interesting elements released. This has opened the door for custom elements on the iOS, so keep a look out there will be plenty more for sure.

Software : AdvanceUI + Graphs
Version : 2.0
Publisher : GameHK
Website :
Platform : runs on all iOS devices
Demo : None
Price : $39.99 (Sale Price, regular Price $99.00)
Store :

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