Walkabout - not just a walk in the park

What would you do if you were in a park strewn with golden stars and you had to collect them all? You would be playing a puzzle game. That was easy, the easier bit is that now you can play Walkabout on your iOS or Android devices just about anywhere.
So what is walkabout about? I must say that I love puzzle games, most of the apps that I have developed are puzzles and mostly old school inspired. When I saw the video for Walkabout, I literally fell off my chair, it was a WOW moment where someone made a real slick clean game using the ease and beauty of CoronaSDK. I guess of late, the games that we are talking about have been developer on the CoronaSDK (you can read about that in a separate review here ).

The aim of the puzzle is simple, collect stars, each time you walk over a block, it disappears, which means that you are unable to trace back your path, so you have to choose a path carefully to collect all the stars and complete the level. The Game is quite simple in what the objective is about, the graphics are simple and bright, there is little animation but there is never a dull moment in the game that takes you to the fact that there is no animation. Blocks disappear with simple transitions, the game introduces the player to the game and provides information in a RPG kind of format where the princess appears and then the speech balloon that talks about the mission (typing animation like on the Nintendo's would have been cool).

The wait between the transitions and the next level is a bit frustrating for players like me that do not want to wait excessively.

The music is pleasant and the elements on the screen are all accessible and well placed. This is available for $0.99 from the iTunes store from ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walkabout/id421973536?mt=8 )

From a technical point of view, dissecting the game with reference to CoronaSDK, the game is an amazing game. Apart from its good looks, underneath the bonnet (our analysis), it has layers, these layers are where the blocks reside, so the developer has placed layers and with each move, a block is removed from the layer uncovering the block underneath. The things that are really well done are the Zoom and Pan functionality, the maps are well designed and tiled. I am unsure what utility was used to create the maps, though Lime allows a developer to do something similar and uses Tiled for editing/creating the tile set. The developer has made good use of overlays and transitions and the interface is quite slick. When the developer says that this is the first app they have worked on, it sounds so strange, given the quality of the presentation.

Our recommendation, go out and get this on your iOS device, it looks great and plays great.

Software : Walkabout
Version : 1.0
Publisher : Base2
Website : http://base2solutions.com/
Platform : iOS 3.1 or later
Price : $0.99
iTunes Store : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/walkabout/id421973536?mt=8

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