The Japanese connection

This is not a review, but a combination of things about Japan.
First I'd like to touch upon the Famous Japanese Director Akira Kurosawa who is known for his wonderful cinematography. I have been an *ignorant* fan on his, I say ignorant coz while I was growing up, I have seen several of his movies but without a context of the name and with the least interest in who the director was like most of the kids do. He is one of the Asian Directors that has won an Academy Award for lifetime achievement. He was born on 23rd March 1910 (incidentally next week is his birthday)

Let me ask a simple question, What is common between Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner and Akira Kurosawa. I will give you a hint, "I have Nothing"... well, you are right if you guessed the Movie Bodyguard. If you ask me what did Akira Kurosawa have to do with the movie Bodyguard, well in 1961 he made a movie called Yojimbo (用心棒 Yōjinbō?) and this was also the name of a software we reviewed a few days back. As typical of a samurai movie, it is a hack and slash fest or a Japanese version of the Western. For our title, we tried to play with words on Yo and Jimbo, The protogonist of the movie, typical of the western/samurai genre is a man with no name, but calls himself "Mulberry field thirty years old". The software is like the bodyguard that takes all the data that you can throw at it with precise accuracy and it can also work as cool as the cool dude Jimbo.

The point of this was to let you all know about the naming of the software as Yojimbo was inspired by the Japanese movie of the same name. This was also a chance for us at Reviewme to do our bit for the Japanese people who are currently facing a lot of issues following the Tsunami, the Earthquake and the threat of a Nuclear Meltdown.

There is a video that is put up about Nuclear Boy, a cartoonish animation for kids to understand what is happening with the Nuclear Power Plant. It translates and explains that the Nuclear Plant (Nuclear Boy) is going to shit his pants (which in a way is true) (found on YouTube here).