How do I do that again?

It wouldn't be a surprise to know that the entire keyboard is rigged for shortcuts. It is beyond the normal ⌘+C and the ⌘+V type of keycodes, it is all about the additional shortcuts that are setup by the applications that are totally unclear to the user. Now how do I do that again?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there would be a popup that would bring up all of the shortcut keys registered and highlight what it would do if a particular key sequence was pressed? From Ergonis software, comes another gem in the form of KeyCue. At first when we received a key for KeyCue (no puns intended, key here is License) it was a bit unclear on why would someone want an application that pops up a window with all shortcuts everytime someone pressed the command key (⌘). I did not bother to uninstall it but did not use it, then one day I was trying to locate a shortcut (I love to get things done from the keyboard than to move the mouse / use the trackpad) It was at this moment that I realised the true potential of KeyCue. It listed out the shortcut keys and highlighted the ones that were available with the current selection.

The feature list in KeyCue is by no means limited to just displaying the standard shortcuts, but it communicates with all apps running on the Mac OS X and even with third party Applications like iKey and Keyboard Maestro.

The handy table that KeyCue shows is useful to get on doing what is intended and increased productivity than spending time to find how to achieve particular outcomes.


Software : KeyCue
Version : 5.3
Publisher : Ergonis
Website :
Twitter : @ergonis
Platform : Mac OS X (10.4 or higher)
Demo : 14 days
Price : € 19.99

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