Here I am - This is me, now make a drawing of me - Sketch Me

I have a wall full of pictures in my home office that has pictures of family and friends, It is nice to see them all and remember old memories when you glance away from work. I spend some time experimenting with these pictures, giving some of them an old nostalgic look, where as printing some of them in B&W and so on. The only thing that I did not get till date was a pencil sketch. The first image that was created using a computer was a picture around late 80's at a theme park, where I had a dot-matrix printed picture of me, WOW!! Then I had one of the many Artists in Florence market square make a caricature of me for £20,000 (Lit) These were good pictures. Now I wanted to get a similar feel for some of my pictures, that I put on the wall but limited to a post card size, not larger.

SketchMee is an interesting software from Studio Mee, which in short converts your digital images into a pencil sketch. For those that have some goof image manipulation tools, you might ask, so whats the big deal? my photo manipulation tool has filters that can do the same thing. Well, yes, you are right, you may be able to get the same effect using a plug-in filter that would convert your image into a pencil sketch, oil Canvas or crayon, etc.

The reasons why I would recommend using SketchMee is
1. It is priced at $7.99
2. It works as a standalone package, does not depend on any > $100 dollar package
3. The output is stunning, made up of several smaller pencil strokes
4. The output can be customised based on specific settings.
5. Presets can be set for remembering settings.
6. The processing is very fast and the results are almost instantaneous
7. Output resolutions upto 16 MP

I have tried a few of the pictures that I have on my wall processed as pencil sketches in both Colour and Black & White, Personally, I felt that the B&W were more realistic in comparison to the coloured ones. The Images looked stunning and almost like a sketch, it would take a while for one to realise that it is converted from a photograph, it looks that stunning or realistic.

Utility wise, this app is not exactly one of the life saving tools on your mac, but it is one of those must have tools for the price and functionality that you might use once a while, but when you do, you end up with superiour results than others.

No matter what the size of the original input, you can drill down and save the image at a high resolutions as big as 16MP which is really amazing.

Here's the portion of the image that produced the above displayed output

Software : SketchMee
Version : 1.1
Publisher : Studio Mee
Website :
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.6 or higher)
Price : $7.99
Mac App Store :

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