Bring it on...How high can you go?

In another multi-player games for the iPad, Philipp Lenssen has just released a new game, "Siege Towers For Two". Like all games by Philipp, this has some elements that are instantly recognisable. It is an iPad only game, it is a head-on one-on-one type game, played best versus another player. The graphics are nice and the colours are good too.

Now, what about the game play, what is the game about? The aim of the game is simple, Challenge the opponent and build your towers, you can use wood to gain height, Spikes to knock down their blocks and Cannons to blow away some of the blocks. The blocks are not simple squares and hence will not stand or provide an even surface making it really tricky to choose them accordingly. Plus at the end when the sieges go head on, it can knock some blocks over.

One thing I have learned about games, everyone has s different taste in games. I love puzzle games, but there are times when I'd just want to play a mindless slash and hack game either on the iOS or the Console. This game comes in between a hard place and a block. The game code is quite solid, Each element is well programmed. One special reason that I love this game is that it is made with CoronaSDK. Philipp is one developer that is pushing the CoronaSDK framework to achieve quite good stuff amongst many other developers. So it is always nice to see what new thing does he add to the game.

When I started the game on my iPad, I did not have anyone around to try the game with, so I played solo and obviously I won (everytime, what a good player I am) Hidden in the Menu is a mode for single player (training it's called) where you play against a computer generated tower. So the chances of winning are reduced.

I liked the game but I had some critical points to make about the game.
1. The name states that it is "Siege Tower for two" and is free, but I would not be searching for 2 player games, as I might not always have somebody else to play with.
2. The Game starts immediately with a counter in the middle of the screen counting down from 20 odd seconds. This is unclear if the game has started or not.
3. The blocks rotate when touched in increments of 45 odd degrees. This was a bit confusing and frustrating, I accidentally tapped it one too many times, so I had to tap it again to rotate the block and if I missed it again... The timer is still running. I played another game called Issac Newtons Gravity (though I am not a fan of such games), I felt that the way they handle blocks and rotation is quite good. The rotation bit needs improvement.
4. The time duration is very little, by the time I realised what I am doing and how a particular piece fitted, the time was up. So there should be an option for time, quick match 30s, head-on 1m long 2m, etc (for example)
5. The Game needs to have a title screen transitioning to the menu, etc so that the options are selectable, they are all there but hidden under the menu button.
6. I would expect that as the difficulty increased, I would get from Wooden pieces, to metallic pieces then other weapons, etc to make it all interesting.

Having said all of this, the game as it stands is still playable and if you want to try the game in a single player mode, switch to the one player training mode. The computer is a mean competitor and the most of the time is gone trying to rotate the blocks.

You can download the game from for free.

If you look closely, the geese make another appearance in this game. The knights in armour also use the swarming code as described by Philipp.

Here are some screenshots for you to see.