Back to the basics - Not really this is Hi-Tech

Growing up as a kid, Computers were not a common household appliance and Google was not a word or a verb. However one of the good things of those times was the fact that we learned how to solve problems step by step using the oldest implement known to mankind, the Pen and the Paper.
Now If you ask kids to sit down with a piece of paper and pen/pencil, they would not like to really work with these, for them there is just no step by step process it is all but a one time result like from a calculator. This is not a whinge review, though it has started to sound like one.

Righto, a team of really talented Mac OS X developers from Australia came up with an innovative idea about using the same process of step by step than just using a calculator.

How would it be if calculating the cost of taking a few friends out for dinner would be as easy and descriptive as,

This is a very small gist of what Soulver can do, it can help resolve calculations easily using plain English, it parses the numbers in the sentences to get meaningful data out of it. It can handle a series of Math expressions. It can manage Currency Conversions, so every dollar amount that you can see is converted into major currencies like the AUD, EUR, JPY, RUB, USD (this can be set from the Numbers button on the toolbar) and displayed in the Answer Palette, a floating pop-out window shaped like a callout arrow box.

The possibilities and applications are endless, some new functionality include labels, Headings, comments, Answer Tokens, Line number tokens, auto summations and calculations based on lines selected. That is a handful, one can create expressions like
Cash in hand = $500
Battery costs Line1 - 200

Relative calculations are handled well as well as absolute ones like $500-$200

I would encourage you to download the trial version and give it a try, the trial version is valid for 10 days of trial (the actual days you try it out, not consecutive 10 days). Given that it is simple and the right hand pane evaluates the text, the text can be tweaked to get the appropriate answers.

This is a very handy tool for Teachers that would like to share the workings with students. A quick and handy tool for accountants and engineers or for students that are working on the business plans, this retains a list of all calculations entered and since it can be shared via the print feature, creating PDF or any other format is not difficult.

Soulver for iPhone/iPad
The entire review for Soulver for iPad can be written in one word as WOW! Yes, to elaborate, the iPad is made for Productivity and Gaming, we have noted that some Mac Apps have a better version for the iPad or the iOS than the original app. In case of Soulver, the idea is very simple and it just looks and works so amazingly well on the iPad that there is really nothing more to say. The developers have done some clever things with a custom keyboard that has the functions listed as buttons which is quite handy. However they show up in Landscape not in portrait, which is fine but there is no indication that the user could have this functionality, I used to have the iPad in a Orientation lock for a while to test certain things, this might have been missed due to plain oversight. The iPad version is available for $5.99 available from ( ) and the iPhone version is available for $3.99 from ( )


The Mac OS X version can be purchased off the website or from the Mac App Store.

Software : Soulver
Version : 2.1.2
Publisher : Acqualia
Website :
Platform : Mac OS X (10.5.8 or higher)
Demo : 10 days
Price : $24.95
Mac App Store :

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