So why is the title for this post a countdown sequence? It is because the product for this review is LaunchBar, now it shall not help you launch a space craft, nor will it launch your successful career in some field of your liking and nor will it launch you out of trouble when you are up to your ears in it. Then what will it do you ask??

At first even before we start the review, we must admit that the first product that I had worked with and come to love was Launchy, which was available for the Windows System alone. On a Mac, Quicksilver was suggested but it wasn't really my cup of tea. Then last year, someone suggested that no software is required, Mac OS X Spotlight is a wonderful launcher. I was not convinced, and then I found Alfred, I think it was something that worked so well for me, that I am kind of biased. However, I shall try not to let the bias com through ans look at LaunchBar objectively.

So what is LaunchBar? It is a software from www.obdev.at the same guys that brought us Little Snitch. It is an instant access application to all data on the Mac HDD. It is one interface to access your entire hard drive.

Some really interesting features that it brings are

* Clipboard History, this is perhaps one of the most interesting feature. LaunchBar lists the items from the clipboard and the application it was taken from.

* iCal integration, just type in iCal and press space to bring up the calendars, and creating a new entry is just easy as typing in the text.

* Calculator, this is perhaps one of the best features that rivals all other app launchers till date. When the calculator is invoked, a textbox accepts all the math that needs to be computed, and then hitting return displays the results on the screen in a translucent window. This is quite nice to see the expression and the result. If there needs to be a correction, the expression still remains where as in other apps, this has to be retyped.

The other features like File browsing, Services, Address book, Book Marks, Web Searches, quick look, instant open, instant send and accessing iTunes are all there in this little powerful package, however, the only two things that are not in favour of this app and shows the bias towards Alfred is,
1. Alfred is free
2. The interface for LaunchBar is designed for a developer not a user. The window is just too small and the operations are a bit cryptic, or rather would take some time to get used to it all. Where as software should be intuitive and user friendly than one that would grow on with usage.

No doubt that LaunchBar is not a single tool but a Swiss army knife wielding a whole lot of tools with it. It would be difficult to not recommend Alfred to a normal user looking for simple use, however if a developer is after the advanced features, then LaunchBar is the product.

Software : LaunchBar
Version : 5.0.4
Publisher : Objective Development Software GmbH
Website : http://www.obdev.at/products/launchbar/index.html
Platform : Mac OS X (10.4 or higher)
Demo : 30 days
Price : $35 single license, $59 family license (5 computers)

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