Your own social broadcasting studio

Here's an app that is featured on the Mac App store and we thought was wonderful. It is the equivalent of a Social Broadcasting Studio. Having tried a few other software that can provide professional broadcasting functionality, Moso was a pleasant change and a surprise specially given that it is FREE.

It is setup into sections, which are configurable. The effects and Title transitions that are included with the software are wonderful. The Comic and Manga FX are amazing. The whole idea behind Moso seems that you can use a Mac with the inbuilt iSight camera create your own videos and share them with your friends over social networks like Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.

There is a whole lot to explore, if used properly, this can allow one to create quick introductory videos.

Available on the App Store and for FREE, get your download today.

It's funny that we tried to get in touch with the parent company and their email systems do not work, the emails just bounce back. The software still works.

Software : MOSO
Version : 1.0
Publisher : MoSo Inc
Website : www.mosoapp.cpm
Platform : Mac OS X (10.6.x or higher)
Price : FREE