Tick Tock doesn't always have to end in a BOOM

As a developer/freelancer, there are a lot of hats one is expected to wear. The main one being development, but then there is the administration that is a very important portion of a developers role. To sustain, personal projects do not always suffice, and with the multiple clients required, it does get interesting given the task of managing the time spent, invoicing, etc.

From Fanurio Time Tracking SRL, comes an offering that works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, that fits right into this area. Now, why only developers, designers, web developers, any one that is a free lancer that has multiple projects and multiple clients, would look for a solution to manage time tracking and billing. Some of the features that differentiate this from others are
1. The ability to have multiple currencies. You can bill your clients in various currencies or subcontract
2. Track every bill - Most time tracking & Billing softwares track only the time spend by the person, many a times completing task might involve external assistance in the form of out sourcing or collaboration. These factors are important as these provide an idea of the actual cost and profits made. It can also cater for taxes, discounts and multiple currencies.
3. From the invoices, etc one can also estimate the time spend and income earned to generate several analysis reports. It performs some of the functions of PIM or personal money/finance managers that help understand the collections for the period.
4. Fanurio works in both the single user environment or a multi-user environment, where the time spend can be imported from other computers into the single admin computer for centralisation of billing, etc. The invoices are editable, one can design their own invoices.
5. It has built in features like backups and support From our perspective as a developer, we felt that this fits best in the Mobile/Game development theme as developers that are in this space need some kind of a tool/application that frees them from the complications of administration, no more spreadsheets to manage time and billing. It is the easiest way to manage time and invoicing.

Fanurio can be found at http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com/ It is a bit on the expensive side with a price of $59

Software : Fanurio
Version : 2.4
Publisher : Fanurio Time Tracking SRL
Website : http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com/
Twitter : @fanurio
Platform : Mac OS X (10.4.x or higher) , Windows, Linux
Demo : 15 days Price : $59

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